This sports betting in the past received little TV coverage. Was a sports activity mainly played in working men’s clubs and pubs all over the UK. This sports activity in the 1980s got its popularity when some big personalities got involved with it. In the era we are at, a night at the darts can be one of the greatest experiences for many people who enjoy watching it. This is also now a sporting activity with many options for sports bettors. Visit and learn more about darts online betting.

Main events to bet on

bet on dartsPDC World Championship is the world’s biggest darts calendar event. The event normally kicks off in mid-December each and every year and it ends on 1st January. This sports activity has since 1978 had a world championship on annual basis. This is actually the year TV coverage of this sport started to consider this sport and from there henceforth, it is shown on TV on regular basis.

At the moment, PDC owns the best and biggest players and their World Championship version is what those serious players of the game admire to win. There is also, on the other hand, the BDO that runs its World Championship version which has been scheduled to be held every year in January. PDC is a host of darts’ biggest tournaments also. One popular tournament is the Premier League that features all best of best throwers in the year before.

PDC premier league started in 2006 and it has since proved to be categorized as among the popular competitions. For this, you will see each player playing against the other before they will qualify to the knockout stage.

Betting markets

For the bettors of this sports activity, you will find published outright markets from the bookmakers prior to the start of any tournament and for those big events like for instance the PDC Worlds, the markets will be published in advance. When the tournament starts, bettors will be staked on the outcome of single matches. There are many other side markets that will be opened too at this time. Players have the opportunity to place bets on what might be the exact score on a particular match or even make a prediction of the winning margin for the laying group.

There also exist other popular side bets like for instance placing bets or there is a chance there happen a nine-dart finish in the played game. Get to know all about darts betting for you today.

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